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What is Letterpress?
Letterpress refers to an old printing technique developed in the 15th century by Johannes Gutenberg. At the time this technique was an everyday occurrence, and it was used for everything from newspapers to stationery to books and beyond! Now letterpress has evolved into a form of art perfect for wedding invitations, personal stationery, baby announcements, business cards, and other special expressions on paper. The attention to detail and remarkable hand-crafted quality of letterpress printing is sure to impress.

There is a lot to love about letterpress: the deep printed impression, thick buttery-soft paper, vibrant hand-mixed inks, and attention and care put into every individual piece. At Paperwheel we hand-feed each sheet of paper into an antique 1923 Chandler and Price letterpress. Every piece is, by definition, one-of-a-kind.
What type of paper do you use?
We use 100% cotton paper because the creamy, soft texture is perfect for creating the deep, crisp impression for which letterpress is known.
What is your proofing process?
With each custom order, a color PDF proof will be provided via email. Additional rounds of proofs are billed at our usual design rate. Please proof your order carefully as Paperwheel is not responsible for any errors that were present on the approved proof.  Proofs must be final and ready for press when approved.
How long will it take for me to get my invitations?
Generally, the letterpress process takes about 4-6 weeks from kick-off to arrival in the mail.  If you need an order rushed we are willing to see if we can accommodate your request — it will depend the status of the orders of our current clients.  We love to make it happen when we can!
I like a specific invitation but I like the fonts or colors on another. Can I mix and match?
Indeed! As we work through the custom design process together, be sure to mention the fonts, colors, styles, and layouts you prefer. We look forward to creating a custom design that is absolutely perfect for you.
How many invitations will I need?
To begin the design process, we will need a ballpark number to provide a reliable pricing quote. As we work together, we will need the precise quantity of invitations.  Remember to think of both how many people are invited to your event, the quantity you will mail, and any extras you might need. Make that list and count it twice!  Also please remember if you are planning on hand- addressing or sending to a calligrapher, an additional 25 envelopes will be required for potential mistakes.  Please let us know if you need these additional envelopes when we are providing your initial quote.
How much postage will my invitation need?
We highly recommend taking a set of your invitations to your local post office to have it weighed.  We work with different thicknesses of paper and you want to ensure your invitation arrives in tip-top shape. (Bonus tip: Send a complete invitation through the mail to yourself before you send them out to all of your guests.  If there is a problem, you will know before mailing all of them.)
How do I address my envelopes?
You have lots of options to address your envelopes.  We are happy to make recommendations that will fit best with your style and budget.  Creative custom labels, handwritten addresses, or traditional calligraphy are just a few of the your options.  We have a list of calligraphers we have worked with in the past.
What if I want to have color envelopes?
No problem at all.  We just might need a little bit of time to ensure the envelope you love is available.
Do I need to put a deposit down?
Yes, we will ask for a 50% deposit on custom orders because of the length of the design process.  Balance will be due at the approval of the final proof.
I just came across a style I love–can Paperwheel do it for me?
Please contact us as we love crafting exactly what you have in mind.
What if I already have a design or logo that I want to be letterpress?
If you provide us with a high quality file we can print business cards, stationery, and more using your designs! Even better, your unique design will become real when it is made into a plate that can be reused again and again.
What if I don’t want color but I want the impression?
Great! This is called 'blind embossing' and looks very elegant on our paper, but keep in mind if you have important information that needs to stand out color is the way to go!
How do you ship my order?
We will either ship your order via the US Postal Service or UPS.  Please let us know if you have specific shipping needs.
Do you ship internationally?
We do.  We are more than happy to ship to your location.  Please do let us know the specifics of your shipping needs at the time of our quote.
What type of payment do you accept?
We accept checks, credit card, and PayPal.  Please make checks out to Paperwheel Press.
What is your return policy?
If you are unhappy with your order of our ready-made cards we are more than happy to have them returned or exchanged.  Shipping cost will not be refunded.  Custom orders are not returnable, so it is extra important that you triple-read your final proof before approval.
Is my information secure?
We take much pride in our clients personal security (and anonymity when desired). Some of our well-known clients prefer that their designs and stationery are not shared or photographed to maintain privacy.  We will never share your personal information.  Most customers provide their email address in order to receive Paperwheel updates, announcements, and promotions.
I love Paperwheel, how can I follow you guys?
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Hope you find this helpful!
Still have a question?
Please email us at and when we are not out at the presses, your questions will be quickly answered. (Plus we love to hear what we may have forgotten!)

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